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Vote No on The Slaughterhouse Ordinance

Sioux Falls Open for Business


This November, we need to vote NO on the proposed Slaughterhouse Ordinance. You can read the ordinance here.

The Slaughterhouse Ordinance is a bad idea that will hurt the economy and the families of Sioux Falls.

It would take $500 million in new construction out of Sioux Falls. It would eliminate a thousand new jobs. It would take millions of dollars of annual revenue and corporate taxes out of our economy.

This ballot measure is also driving business out of our state and puts every single project we do in South Dakota in jeopardy for the future.

Overwhelming Support

The Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce is opposed to it, along with support from:


And everyone who supports free enterprise and is against excessive regulation.

Why you should vote no

This ordinance changes the rules in the middle of the game. That’s not right.

For years, the 100% local farm family owners of Wholestone Farms have worked to bring a clean, modern pork processing plant to Sioux Falls. They’ve met and often exceeded existing ordinances and zoning laws, investing millions and playing by the rules.

Now the group behind the Slaughterhouse Ordinance intends to change those rules four years into the process.

Chamber President Jeff Griffin says changing the rules after the fact is bad for the economic future of Sioux Falls.

Changing the rules in the middle of the game. That’s not right. And it’s not how we do things in Sioux Falls. Local farmers following the rules and moving forward. That’s Sioux Falls. That’s South Dakota.

It will be a clean, modern,
environmentally friendly pork plant.

Supporters of the Ordinance claim a new pork plant will greatly increase odor and pollution in Sioux Falls. But they’re wrong - and have no experience with a modern processing facility.

The new pork plant will feature state of the art wastewater and odor reduction technology and meet strict federal guidelines. New plants built in neighboring states like Iowa and Nebraska are clean, environmentally friendly facilities and are welcome additions to their cities.

The one thing the Slaughterhouse Ordinance would prevent is half a billion dollars from flowing into our community. A modern new pork plant will be good for Sioux Falls.

Learn more about the Sioux Falls Wholestone project here

The new plant supports the future of ag in South Dakota.

Voting No on the Slaughterhouse Ordinance will strengthen agriculture, South Dakota’s number one industry. It’ll protect farming’s next generation — the children who’ll one day run our family farms.

Sioux Falls new pork plant will be a clean, state of the art facility — with ownership 100% held by local American farm families. It will connect livestock producers with locally owned processing, all within our states border to keep jobs and profits at home. And it will help secure your family’s access to safe, affordable, locally grown food.

The new Wholestone plant will support our community and families.

The new Wholestone pork processing plant will help create new jobs and industries that will put millions of dollars into our city’s economy.

This money will move throughout our community — flowing into our shops and stores, supporting our charitable causes, and generating tax revenue to pay for more schools, parks and public safety personnel to keep our families safe.

This is good for Sioux Falls. Good for you. And good for your family.

Passing the ordinance sets a terrible precedent for economic growth.

Passing an ordinance like this opens the door for special interest groups to shut down economic development in any industry they choose to oppose.

Even worse, putting this ordinance on the ballot has been primarily driven by a single wealthy landowner who doesn’t want the slaughterhouse to be built near his home.

Passing this ballot measure will create a chilling effect for any company looking to locate their businesses here in the future. It’s a terrible precedent for Sioux Falls.

Prefer to send a check? Please mail to the following address: 

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